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Drone Data Collection

Experienced pilots and visual observers. Enterprise-level drones. Accurate aerial data. Optimize and enhance your surveying, engineering, and land development projects

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Drone Mounted LiDAR

Drone mounted LiDAR can fly at low altitudes, acquiring high resolution data. Our LiDAR sensor emmits 240,000 points per second generating true-color point, 3D cloud models. Use LiDAR data to extract bare earth topography for project planning and site mapping. Create building footprint updates with accurate dimensions for future planning.

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Aerial Photogrammetry

Our drone mounted, 45MP full-frame sensors takes efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level. Expect 3 cm horizontal accuracy without ground control points. Topographic Mapping, Land Surveying generates 2D orthomosaics in real-time so teams can immediately visualise land cover and identify changes.

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Software Processing

Incorporate POS data, GCPs or both sets of data to create georeferenced maps and models with enhanced accuracy. Our software services fuse the IMU and GNSS data for point cloud and visible light calculations to effortlessly generate reconstructed models and accuracy reports.



Earth Mappers drone services provide the most reliable aerial data collection services available. Our expertly-trained pilots operate enterprise-level drones to provide businesses with a comprehensive aerial mapping service that produces high-quality, accurate results. With our cutting-edge technology and refined techniques, we swiftly and precisely collect data from any location needed.

We pride ourselves on providing professional services for our clients. It’s why we are a top choice for surveyors, civil engineers, land developers, and general contractors. Through our aerial data, businesses can create highly detailed and accurate maps and 3-D models – all while relying on precise geolocation methods.

With Earth Mappers, you get the latest and greatest in aerial data collection. Let our experts provide the service and results you need. Contact us today to get started.





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