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"Earth Mappers captures high-resolution aerial imagery and data sets."

Earth Mappers, LLC is a commercial drone service provider, based in Utah, USA. We are a team of professional, FAA certified pilots who love to fly unmanned aircraft. We fly full time, year round. Founded in 2018, our experienced pilots and commercial grade drones will bring you the information your company needs.

We deliver high-resolution aerial images and video alongside shareable aerial maps of your commercial or residential property. For build projects, we're often hired for the same flight pattern done weekly, for subcontractor reviews, progress reports and ownership updates.

Desktop and cloud-based post-processing is offered using industry-leading technology. We deliver 3D maps of vertical structures, perform insurance-rated building inspections, inspect roof tops, solar surveys/audits, or stitch 2-D orthomosaic maps into one shareable, zoomable file, packed with visual detail from above. 

Earth Mappers maintains pilot service agreements with Mortenson Construction, Invictus Energy (solar), Loveland Innovations, DroneUp, Uplift Data Partners, DroneBase Pilots, PrecisionHawk/Droners.io, Deseret UAS, FlyGuys, Zing, Bees360, SkySource Aerial, Unmanned Pilots and Skye Link Drone Community.

The Earth Mappers Team

CEO / Founder

A former pilot-in-command at Zipline International, a robotics company in Silicon Valley, USA. Jeff has piloted over 4,000 unmanned aircraft flight missions. His leadership in Zipline’s flight operations help shape the first-ever, fixed-winged fleet of autonomous drones used commercially to deliver thousands of emergency related products to hospitals in Rwanda, Africa.

Prior to Zipline, he was one of the nation’s first pilots certified by the FAA to pilot unmanned vehicles for commercial purposes. His passion is aerial photography and mapping. Jeff has traveled the world carrying a camera. His aerial photography has been published by *National Geographic with stock footage globaly including Norway, Vietnam, UK, Canada, Dubai, Cambodia, Rwanda, Utah's Canyons and Northern California's coastline. 


“As long as I have my passport, a case of batteries and a drone, I'm good to go."