Commercial / Private Pilots



Chances are you're employed. It's a good market for pilots. But if you're looking to branch out for some part-time work, check us out. We need your skills to fly fixed-winged manned aircraft when we exceed our drones capabilities. You'll fly with LiDar scanning sensors mounted underneath an array of flying vehicles. You will be well prepared and trained for every mission you accept. You could be asked to fly over remote forests of the Western US or waterways in the Louisiana Delta. But we need you to make sure it happens safely and with solid results.


You are the committed pilot. The one we turn to as pilot-in-command. You know when it's safe to fly or not. Our mission takes us everywhere. On our team you will be expected to always bring your A-game, and we will surround you in high tech equipment and a team of dedicated professionals


Join our team of driven pilots, dedicated to drones as a service.