Drone Mobile Command Center

End-to-End Mobile Drone Service

This 1-ton rated, 34-foot vehicle can be dispatched for immediate response for time-sensitive situations. It comes with a fleet of DJI drones, cameras, gimbals, 4k cameras, tripods, battery charging stations, maintenance area, GNSS static receivers, tablets, and laptops. Everything powered for days without power.


End-to-end aerial imagery collection ability and photogrammetry post-production capabilities. Provides workstations in a climate controlled space. It’s self-sufficient and self-contained; meaning it can remain in remote areas for weeks without power or internet yet maintain full drone operations - including post-processing. 


Use Cases

  • Remote Field Collection Work

  • Search and Rescue Situations 

  • Urban or Remote Locations

  • Remote photography options

  • A mobile power source for drones, computers, monitors, post-processing workstations

  • Mining and construction areas

  • Remote, industrial inspection areas

  • Emergency management situations 

  • Last mile option extending drones reach even further

  • Quick to mobilize

  • Long-term observation