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Earth Mappers Is Taking Aerial Data Collection To New Heights

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Cedar Hills, UT –Earth Mappers is taking aerial data collection to new heights through aerial mapping, geo-referencing, 3D modeling, agricultural services, and inspections.

“Earth Mappers delivers an exceptional service, sharing our passion for piloting unmanned aircraft to supply professional grade aerial photography using photogrammetry. We’re excited to be involved in construction and agriculture” said Jeff Farr, the company’s founder.

Earth Mappers contracts commercially with companies to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and data sets. They combine their aerial images and video with ground-based GNSS/GPS receivers to create highly precise maps used for commercial uses.

“We work with certified GIS specialists, and photogrammetry software experts. Collecting high quality, aerial imaging data sets and processing them into accurate aerial maps. We are commercially insured to pilot our drones internationally,” added Farr.

The map reporting offered by Earth Mappers includes Orthomosaic, NDVI, stand counting, plant identification, irrigation control, 2-D high-res maps, digital surface modeling, and contour layers. They utilize desktop and cloud-based post-processing using industry-leading technology.

About Earth Mappers:

We specialise in aerial data gathering. We consult with business owners implementing in-house drone systems. We also provide the data gathering process using commercial grade drones and certified pilots. We use our experience to recommend aircraft, cameras, processing software, pilot certification, and training.

We create effective workflows to gather and process aerial images and video using third party software like Pix4D. DroneDeploy, SkyCatch and Litchi. Returning to you quality tiff file outputs.

We understand the training and certification required by the FAA to operate drones commercially.

Earth Mappers maintain contract pilot service contract agreements with Uplift Data Partners, PrecisionHawk/Droners.io, Bees360, HireUavPro, SkySourceAerial.

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