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Emergency Management Mapping

The University of Utah recently hired Earth Mappers to fly 600+ acres along the East bench of Salt Lake City to proactively update their emergency management plan.

Due to outdated online maps, the University's department will use the map produced by Earth Mappers to update it's emergency plan. Due to a lot of construction changes in the area, mapping apps are quickly outdated and don't accurately show changes to main roads, parking lots, exits and updated building profiles.

The campus sits on the Wasatch fault. Earthquakes have threatened the area for decades. Many of the buildings, including Salt Lake's capital have foundations capable of surviving major quakes.

Updated maps are imperative for first responders in any emergency. And people caught in an Emergency situation need to understand where safe refuge and gathering points are found. A current, updated map is essential.

Earth Mappers pilot, Jeff Farr lead three visual observers in the two hour flight. "We waited for a Vice Presidential airspace restriction to expire. Then our team quickly dispatched to key vantage points. Our attention then turned to obtaining airspace permission from the three heliports serving AirMed and LifeFlight," Farr explained.

"We got the green light and launched the drone. Luckily neither helicopter needed the airspace during the mission. It was a complete success. A beautiful day to fly. The University is in good hands with these professionals."

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