Need accurate data?

"We practice our trade using professional grade aircraft mounted with versatile cameras. We process geo-tagged data using photogrammetry software to bring you the accurate deliverables you require." 

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Architectural 3-D Modeling

Nadir and Oblique Reconstruction

Using drones to "scan" a structure using photogrammetry and geo-referenced points to create models of vertical buildings. Inspect buildings and structures dramatically closer, faster, easier, safer and arguably more efficiently. High-Resolution images from any vantage point. Full Building / Facade Inspections. Construction progress maps.  High-resolution videography eliminates the need for scaffolding and climbing. Cost and time efficient. Increased safety.

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Aerial Mapping

Let the pros work for you

Digital surface and terrain models, un-distorted, true ortho mosaics and 3-D modeling. Make precise measurements. Inspect vertical structures in detail with surface modeling, Create a fly-through, 3-D video. Share and collaborate. Let our FAA certified UAV pilots, certified GIS specialists, and photogrammetry software gurus gather the photogrammetry data you need.


***Earthmappers are NOT a licensed land survey firm but assists firms to gather the aerial information they require. For true land surveying contact a licenced land surveying company.

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Real Estate Services

Land and Buildings

We bring you certified and insured pilots and drones. Roof inspections, structural measurements, high high-resolution photography, identify easement areas. Fly through building tours. 2-D orthomosaic map to share, collaborate and update groups. Let aerial images look over your job site or neighborhood. Media for marketing investment properties. Large or small properties and land tracks.

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Construction Site Data

Save Time and Money

 Iterate faster during the bid phase. Improve owner visibility. Share sitemap and information across teams. Enhance surveying capabilities. Win more business. Instill client confidence. Improve safety, improve asset and material management. Site Inspections.  Measure stockpile volumes, area measurements. Inspect asphault and concrete. Improve invoicing accuracy.  Improve quality.  Minimize rework. Mitigate litigation.  Put drones to work for you.  

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Video and Photography

Highest Resolutions Available

Aerial photography is extremely useful in wildlife management, archaeology, land mapping and planning, movie production, engineering, and agricultural field monitoring. Map ouy large parcels of land surveillance, and top-down overviews


Training and Consulting Services

Bring it in house

Is your company ready to implement service drones? Let us bring the knowledge and experience to recommend solutions for your department. Our staff of certified pilots have seen over 5,000 unmanned flights (that's a lot of groundwork organizing, maintaining and reworking hardware, software and communication equipment.)

We've learned what works and what doesn't - saving you time and money. We show you through the paperwork of certifying your company to fly with the FAA, we recommend the equipment, provide checklists, how to file permits and estimate costs. All tailored to your operation.  Cameras, gimbles, lenses, shutter-types, photogrammetry software, GPS/GNSS satellite receivers, ground control points, mobile command centers, we bring you the knowledge and experience.